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A 20 Year Milestone

Dear Patrons and Friends,


Twenty years ago, December 15, 1995, this restaurant was born. It has gone through many facelifts and welcomed nearly a million guests in that span of time. Until recently, Dahl Ristorante Italiano was known as Dahl & Di Luca Ristorante Italiano.  The new brand is more indicative of modern times while connecting to the past.


Dahl Ristorante Italiano wraps its arms around you. It embraces you with Jazz piano, venetian plaster walls, romantic lighting and a professional staff.


The restaurant has always been known for its romantic fine dining experience.  Consistency is at the core of the experience and Dahl is the most awarded restaurant in Sedona, and perhaps in Arizona. Chef Lisa Dahl has insisted on the finest ingredients.  Her sources are organic and natural and the food speaks.


Chef Lisa Dahl began her professional restaurant career with the founding of the restaurant twenty years ago, after the tragic loss of her son Justin. Each of Lisa’s restaurants are dedicated to Justin and his memory continues to inspire her. The Dahl Restaurant Group is four restaurants with Chef Dahl heading up all four kitchens. Each are uniquely known for extraordinary cuisine, wine lists, service and decor.

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